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    Handmade Silver Jewellery By Lucylou Designs

    All our jewellery is lovingly made to order in solid silver with solid 9ct gold detail. You really cannot go wrong when you buy from one of Australia’s premier silver jewellery stores online, Crowded Silver. No matter if it’s the minimalistic silver ring and bracelet styles, or the collection´s statement pieces, they all come with a modern beauty and elegant simplicity. Your silver will stay as beautiful and precious as the day you received it. Storing your silver jewellery in a clear plastic bag and buffing occasionally with a 100% cotton cloth will keep your item looking gorgeous.

    Handmade sterling silver jewellery Each Vanessa Plana piece of jewellery comes beautifully gift-wrapped free of charge, and we ship to customers all over the world. A pair of silver glasses will be an excellent gift or a luxury ornament for your home. Many of our pieces are handmade in small quantities by skilled artisans, but if you want to be truly unique, perhaps we can help inspire you! Go on a mission with Serendipity and explore their contemporary silver bracelets and rings at PASAR!

    Whether shiny like the moon on a dark night, hammered, left to oxidize, or combined with other metals and stones – silver is the ideal metal to create truly original pieces of jewelry from. Ravenstonz has been commissioned to create unique handmade pieces of jewellery for festivals and exhibitions such as The Big Tent Festival. Most of our silver jewellery pieces are handmade by the designer and are created with style and elegance in mind – jewellery that truly makes a striking and confident statement. We are fortunate to have found some extremely talented designers and silversmiths giving you many ranges of handmade silver jewellery to choose from. In The Silverpot jewellery shop you will find both traditional Cypriot filigree in beautiful, original designs, and old Byzantine designs, expertly made to specifications from the museums and decorated with semi precious stones. The innovative team is based in Berlin, but all their sterling silver jewelry is produced in Bali.

    We at are proud of our line of handmade jewelry and proud of the talented artisans that make it. We have been in the jewelry business for more than 60 years and we can say in all honesty our reputation is (excuse the pun) ‘rock’ solid. Furthermore, we ensure that our jewellery is not just produced at the highest standards of quality – but we strive to ensure that it is still affordable to you. She now has a small team to support her work, but all pieces are still designed and handmade by Avril. Custom made jewellery to suit individual tastes is also available at The Silverpot jewellery shop. Whether the classic sterling silver finger ring or midi finger rings – Serendipity´s sophisticated finger rings are brilliant decorations for your fingers.

    For some teenagers avoid using gold because it will make them look ‘older’ thus they choose silver jewelry! Some items may be too small to hallmark but will still be made of Sterling Silver. She also use everyday objects such as jigsaw puzzle pieces, buttons, umbrellas being frequent motifs, creating sculptural eye-catching designs that reflect the simplicity and fluid beauty of Sterling Silver. In The Silverpot you can find silver icons of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, as well as icons of many others saints (St. The inspiration for the jewellery comes through a search for the beauty of a subject that in its form expresses a perfection. The beautiful pieces are handmade jewelry crafted from high quality sterling silver and designed for a lifetime. Browse the beautiful collection of handmade jewelry, silver rings and bracelets at PASAR, and shop your timeless jewelry essential.

    Founded over 30 years ago by Peggy Neithercut Ravenstonz has been a member of some of the largest Scottish craft associations such as 3D/2D who have established a strong reputation for promoting artists and designers producing unique handmade products and Made in Fife, promoting bespoke Fife based Crafts.

    New product alerts, styling tips, jewellery must-haves and special promotions for those in the know. My jewellery all comes packaged in a beautiful Lucylou Designs branded jewellery presentation box, so it’s ready to give as a gift, or keep as a gorgeous treat for yourself!

    Handmade jewelry by Serendipity is artful and goes perfectly with classic elegant clothing for the ultimate glamour look. All of my designs are handmade using guaranteed sterling silver so no two items are exactly the same. A wide range of jewellery and other gifts are available to suit all tastes, and pictures from several children can be seamlessly worked into one piece of jewellery. The sterling silver bracelets by Serendipity add perfectly to your finger jewelry and accessories. Crowded Silver stocks everything from rings and earrings to necklaces and silver bracelets in a range of styles that are sure to appeal to modern women across Australia. Becker first began to design jewellery in the mid-1980s by obtaining used items from thrift stores and antique shops, tearing them down and reconstructing the components to form personal jewellery for his wife. It’s the place to make that piece of silver jewelry that you’ve been dreaming about!

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